Where Are the Generic Republicans Running for President?

by Veronique de Rugy

The excellent Bloomberg columnist Caroline Baum has a really entertaining piece today looking at the current pool of aspiring presidential Republican nominees. Her conclusion: Only a generic Republican stands a chance to beat President Obama in 2012, and, so far, he isn’t running.

The GOP field offers everything but, from far right-wingers to party-identity-challenged wild cards to family-values conservatives whose values would offend most families.

If Obama is as vulnerable as the polls suggest, a result of soaring gas prices, high unemployment and a growing sense the country is on the wrong track, you’d think the Republican Party could find someone generic to fit the bill.

She explains what a generic Republican looks like: good judgment, a skeleton-free closet, foreign-policy credentials, business acumen, and a good grasp of American history. Here is one of my favorites:

No. 4. Business Acumen

The fiscal can that’s been kicked down the road for so long is going to land in the next president’s lap. Generic Republican’s curriculum vitae should include running a business or, better yet, running one into and successfully out of Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Mitt Romney may have some of the business acumen this country needs, but only Donald Trump has four chapter 11 bankruptcy filings to his name.

She really has a point. Read the whole thing here.

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