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Annals of the Arab Spring: Egyptian “Democrats” Praise Bombing of Gas Pipeline to Israel


The Jerusalem Post reports that peaceful Egyptian protestors have descended on the Israeli embassy in Cairo today to celebrate the bombing of a pipeline in Sinai that delivers gas to Israel. [Hat tip: Andrew Bostom.] They demanded a “complete cancellation of normalization” of relations between Egypt and Israel, and a “complete halt” in Egyptian cooperation with Israel. In a burst of democracy, one protestor explained that if the Egyptian government won’t cut off the supply of gas, “the people will.” 

It is a remarkable coincidence that these Arab Spring protests have once again intensified on a Friday, the day Muslims go to weekly services at the mosques and are treated to sermons by their friendly imams. I hasten to note that this remains a spontaneous political uprising — a mark of the yearning for freedom that stirs in every human heart. It has absolutely nothing to do with any religious doctrine, and it would be the crassest kind of Islamophobia to suggest otherwise.


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