On the Home Page

by Matthew Shaffer

Michael Knox Beran connects the Islamic world’s political woes to its closed mind.

Robert Bryce deconstructs Obama’s latest weekly address on “clean energy,” line by line.

Brian Bolduc reports from the fight over right to work in New Hampshire.

Daniel Pipes argues for delisting the MEK as a terrorist group, to disarm Iran’s power play in Iraq.

Thomas Sowell questions the conventional wisdom about “education” as an investment.

Jim Geraghty handicaps the quixotic candidates in the free-for-all race for a vacant Nevada House seat.

Mona Charen urges Republicans to get their act together before the special election in NY-26.

Jay Nordlinger scribbles from the NR cruise, on subjects including Rouen, Honfleur, and pains au chocolat.

Dennis Prager diagnoses the psychiatrist who blamed America for his sister’s death with a case of severe leftism.

Deroy Murdock thanks enhanced interrogation techniques for the location and killing of Osama bin Laden.

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