Cantor Stands by Corwin

by Brian Bolduc

On the heels of Rep. John Boehner (R., Ohio)’s speech to the Economic Club of New York last night, Rep. Eric Cantor (R. Vir.) visited the New York Stock Exchange this morning, as Republicans continued to reassure the business community they’d fix the nation’s finances.

Before ringing the opening bill for its customary ten seconds, Cantor shook hands and spoke with various traders on the floor. Most made chitchat that was inaudible to onlookers, but a few made some prominent remarks. “Cut the spending,” one trader told Cantor. “You’ve got a lot of fans down here,” another one joked.

The House Republican leader also hoped to pad his majority with a campaign stop for congressional candidate Jane Corwin last night. In a new poll, Public Policy Polling shows Democrat Kathy Hochul beating Corwin in the heavily Republican 26th district by four percentage points, probably becuase of independent candidate Jack Davis’s presence in the race.

But Cantor stands by Corwin. “I think we’ve got an excellent candidate,” he tells National Review Online. “She’s reflecting what people need and people believe in the necessity of making real spending cuts.”

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