More on Killing bin Laden

by Rich Lowry

Commenter trushack had this contrary take:

I think the kill order was the right way to go. Taking or keeping him alive would just introduce a whole host of other problems and might have given him the chance to take out some of the operatives with him, increasing his legend amongst terrorists.

I think we would have seen an immediate rise in hostage situations and/or suicide attacks, especially on facilities associated with the operation (pretty much anything military or connected to the US).

I think the folks in charge of the mission expected that there would be retaliation one way or the other. No way to avoid that. But at least with Osama dead, there’s no bargaining chip. Any Al Qaeda types who want to “rescue” Osama can swim to the bottom of the Arabian Sea and retrieve him there.

I’m sure we could’ve gained some intel from the man himself, but I wonder how much. Would it have been worth incurring the other risks? I have no idea, but I think OBL would’ve had to be sitting on awful lot of information that wasn’t retrievable from his compound post-op and that there was a strong chance he would bend under interrogation, enhanced or otherwise. Knowing that he was going to die one way or the other, I doubt he would’ve cared to say much.

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