The Inside Story of the Abbottabad Raid

by Steven F. Hayward

According to a new well-sourced, authoritative account, bin Laden begged for his life, “crying like a baby,” and exclaiming “it’s not me,” which rather sounds like confirmation to me, in any language.

A top Justice Department official has confirmed that, “He was blubbering like a baby, crying and crapping in his pants before he was shot in the head and chest. . . . At the same time, the coward was reaching for an AK-47 automatic weapon.”

The Justice Department source added that one of the SEALs shouted at bin Laden after he was shot, “Rot in hell, you evil mother——.” More: “He had gone crazy. He turned into a drug addict. Years ago, he had begun smoking opium to ease the pain from his failing kidneys. He was also using heroin—and he was regularly drugged up like a junkie.”

So where does this authoritative report appear? Why, the National Enquirer, of course (though it is not on the Enquirer’s web page for some reason). You may scoff, but hey, they were right about the entire John Edwards story. One question, though, concerns the Justice Department anonymous source they have quoted. The National Enquirer pays for news. Isn’t that a violation of Justice Department rules? Someone just might get waterboarded over this.

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