Today’s Questions for the President

by Peter Kirsanow

In 2006, Congress passed legislation to construct a 700-mile fence along the southern border. Construction of the fence began, but according to several sources, including Sen. Jim DeMint, of the 36 miles built to date, only 4.3 were built since you took office.

In 2009, you sold  the $800 billion stimulus bill, in part, on the promise that the funds would be directed toward “shovel-ready projects” that would create jobs. But a few months ago, you conceded that “there’s no such thing as shovel-ready projects” in public works. Given that the border fence is an authorized public-works project already under construction, isn’t it, in fact, a “shovel-ready project” that could have benefited from stimulus funds? Were any of the stimulus funds (in addition to any funds already appropriated) dedicated to expediting the construction of the fence? If not, is it because Republicans insisted that a portion of the funds be used for the creation of a moat with alligators?

Wednesday’s bonus questions: Yesterday you called for comprehensive immigration reform but suggested that Republicans are an impediment thereto. Is that the reason why you failed to seriously pursue comprehensive immigration reform in the two years Democrats held sizable majorities in both houses? Or is it possible that some Democrats also insist on a moat with alligators?

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