Fighting Jihad with ... Comics!

by Andrew C. McCarthy

Bosch Fawstin is a talented cartoonist. He is also a brave cartoonist. The mere suggestion that artistic expression might cast Islam in a poor light is known to kick the Islamic grievance industry into high gear, agitating the crazies who dutifully respond with threats and intimidation. In nothing flat, the artist submits — usually under great additional pressure from publishers, studios, sponsors, etc. Sharia wins and free speech loses … which means we lose. Bosch is tired of watching artists lose. He has thus composed a graphic novel called The Infidel, the first chapter of which he has just released as a digital comic book — a comic book about a comic book, whose superhero, “Pigman” takes on the jihad, while the comic’s author and his Muslim twin brother clash over their very different responses to 9/11. For more, see here.

Bosch told me he thinks it’s high time that pop culture took a clear stand against enemies bent on destroying our freedoms and our way of life. He’s front-and-center, doing his part.

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