Huckabee: ‘Things Will Get Even Crazier’ After Tonight’s Announcement

by Katrina Trinko

Time’s Mark Halperin acquires an e-mail Mike Huckabee sent to his inner circle about tonight’s announcement on his Fox News program regarding his decision about a 2012 presidential run. Toward the end, Huckabee hints that, contrary to what his advisors were telling the press, he is planning a presidential run (emphasis mine):

A lot of information and speculation was already rampant in the press today, and it frankly isn’t fair to you to tell you the details and then put you in the awkward position of saying you didn’t know (which at that point wouldn’t be true) or saying you did know, but couldn’t reveal or discuss it. …

I will look forward to speaking with you soon and once I fulfill my sworn obligation to Fox, I will be free to discuss things that I can’t now due to promises to them and to some possible legal considerations of the announcement. …

Please be patient if I don’t respond immediately to an email because I expect that once I pull the trigger Saturday night, things will get even crazier, as if that’s possible.


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