Ryan Previews Chicago Speech

by Robert Costa

On CNN’s State of the Union:

Candy Crowley: I have two quick questions I must ask you. One is, I know that you’re giving a big speech tomorrow in Chicago. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that it’s the president’s hometown. I’ve heard from many Democrats who knew you were coming on who said, ‘this is a do-over tour that you are on,’ that you got so blasted for your budget and this is damage control?

Congressman Ryan: No, anything but.

Candy Crowley:  Is there anything different in these speeches?

Congressman Ryan: No, anything but. We believe the president is articulating a vision which I would call shared scarcity.  I believe the president’s economic vision and the speeches that he has been giving pit people against each other, play class warfare and envy economics. I think it’s a really a vision of shared scarcity and bringing America to a period of managed decline and economic stagnation.

We are pushing a vision of renewed prosperity. Our budget puts the budget on a path to balance and our economy on a path to prosperity and so, anything but.  We are pressing ahead because we sincerely believe that our budget — which fulfills the mission of health and retirement security, repairs the rifts in our social safety net and pays off our debt and grows the economy — is the right vision.

We believe that’s what Americans want, we believe that is historically in keeping with what created our country, and so we want to have a system where America is more defined upward mobility, equal opportunity, and economic prosperity . I don’t think that’s the outcome of the president’s vision and so that’s why it’s I think it’s important to contrast these two approaches.

Video here.

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