Valuable Political Insight

by Mark Steyn

I don’t follow the elderly pop star Morrissey terribly closely. The last incisive political intervention by him that I can recall was back in 2004 when he chanced to be playing at Dublin Castle and announced to his fans the death of Ronald Reagan. The crowd cheered. The famously morose Mancunian, whom I’d assumed had retired around the same time the Gipper did, then said he only wished it had been Bush. The crowd gave an even bigger cheer.

Today, The Huffington Post brings us up to speed on his latest thinking:

Morrissey Compares Queen Elizabeth To Mubarak, Gadaffi, Calls Her A Fascist

Well, he’s got half a point. The Queen and Gadaffi have the same dressmaker. But the Mubaraks couldn’t live on the Royal Family’s salary.

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