Libyan Optimism

by Matthew Shaffer

In recent weeks, the commentary on our intervention in Libya has turned sour. Over on Mideast Watch, I talk with Libyan dissident Najla Abdurrahman, who makes a modest case for optimism. She rejects the characterization of the situation in Libya as a civil war, debates the possibility of “accidentally” assassinating Qaddafi, highlights some of the efforts to have a government in place post-Qaddafi, and more. A taste: 


SHAFFER: Have the rebels lost momentum?

ABDURRAHMAN: No, I would disagree. Mahmound Gibril yesterday, in the evening he held an event with members of the Libyan community in Washington D.C. He spoke and Libyans from all over the country were in attendance. I agree with what he said, that there is no stalemate. Things are happening on the ground. It’s slow-going, but real progress is being made and Qaddafi’s strength is being chipped away at. We haven’t really seen him for the last two weeks, so some people think he might be injured, or he could be hiding. They played a video or audio of him recently, but it was a very short minute or two-minute audio clip and it’s very difficult to verify when it was actually taped. But really we haven’t seen him for the last couple of weeks. So the Prime Minister was predicting yesterday that this might only last a few more weeks.

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