by Jonah Goldberg

Just to be clear, my views of, and appreciation for, France have improved since the days of my hardcore French-bashing. In the past I may have been unduly harsh. Now I would like to think I am merely duly harsh. More to the point, there are things about France I like a great deal.

With that out of the way, I liked this e-mail in response to my column:

Dear Mr Goldberg,

You are “proud to live in a country where a housekeeper can get a world leader pulled off a plane “, and you are definitely right.

Living, myself, in France, a country where it is not possible, I am deeply jealous and appreciative of US citizens’ behavior.The States : a land where ” equality ” is more than a meaningless motto.

We were great among nations in the past, but present times are awful for France. A small and self-protective oligarchy masters the country. Fortunately, Atlantic Ocean still brings fresh and new air to our coasts…

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