Raising Cain

by Jonah Goldberg

Good golly, look at the frenzy of passions Herman Cain stirs up in the comment section to this post. I lost count of the number of bizarre interpretations of what I said, which pretty much nobody rebuts (though I did misspeak about one thing: he championed the Fair Tax, not a flat tax).

He simply had a bad interview.

And, just for the record, it would have been a bad interview if he was a governor, if he was a senator, if he had $50 million in his war chest, or if he was white. The urge to move the discussion to more favorable terrain is understandable, but hardly persuasive. The guy didn’t destroy his candidacy and I never said otherwise. But as I said below, if he wants to convert the as of yet unconverted, he needs to do better.

Flinging a lot of insults like so much monkey-poo will not change that basic fact, nor will it convert the unconverted. “You stupid blankety-blank RINOs” is not an argument for Herman Cain (or anybody else). Nor am I clear why you would want it to be.

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