Mook on NY26

by Jonah Goldberg

This just came in:

NY-26 Special Election: Polls are Open

Jonah –

How would you like to help us make history?

The latest polls out of New York’s 26th district show an absolute dead heat in today’s special election. This race will come down to turnout and we need your help to get our voters to the polls today.

As we speak, thousands of grassroots Democrats are on the phones using our online phone bank to call voters in the district and remind them to get out and vote today for Kathy Hochul.

You don’t have to be in New York to make calls. Getting started takes less than a minute and we will give you everything you need — names, phone numbers, and what to say.

Help us bring victory home for Kathy Hochul by calling Democratic voters today using our DCCC Virtual Phone Bank >>

Wining this deeply red district would be a political shocker and could be the fatal blow to the Republicans’ extremist plan to end Medicare.

Just think. The call you make could be the one that puts Kathy Hochul over the top and helps Democrats make history. Let’s get dialing!


Robby Mook
DCCC Executive Director

P.S. Forward this email to 3 friends right now and tell them to go to to make calls to drive Kathy Hochul to victory!


Me: By the way, I think the GOP will hold on to the seat.


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