On the Home Page

by Matthew Shaffer


Robert Costa reports from the Republican loss in NY-26.

Jim Lacey explains why increasing government spending does not reduce the deficit.

Katrina Trinko tails Jon Huntsman through the Granite State.

Andy McCarthy accuses Obama of subtly dissembling on Israel, just as he did on health-care.

NRO’s culture watchers eulogize The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Mark Steyn lampoons the hostess, in 1998.

Victor Davis Hanson imagines what an accurate Obama-’08 campaign-trail speech would have sounded like.

Michael Tanner warns that, in some ways, the United States’ fiscal situation is worse than Greece’s.

Richard Mourdock speaks to Jim Geraghty about his plan to unseat Sen. Dick Lugar in the Indiana GOP primary.

Jay Nordlinger pillories a Timesman, praises a wunderkind, comments on fashion, and more.

Michelle Malkin lists the corrupt — and ineffectual — uses of stimulus money.

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