Today’s Questions for the President

by Peter Kirsanow

Your administration is spending money at record levels and you’re doing so despite (because of?) the fact that congressional Democrats have not produced a budget in nearly two years. Yesterday, your budget for FY 2012 was rejected by every single member of the Senate, 97–0.

What evidence can you produce that profligate spending without budgetary constraint is not purposeful administration policy?

What evidence can you produce that, left to your own preferences, your administration will take credible action to change the federal government’s financial trajectory?

Do you expect to have any credibility discussing economic matters at today’s G-8 meetings when every senator of your own party rejected your budget less than 24 hours ago?

Unrelated bonus question: Why are you so concerned about a fat, sartorially-challenged governor from New Jersey who has infuriated every left-of-center interest group in that state (and elsewhere) and who has repeatedly and adamantly declared he’s not running for president that you’d assign personnel to engage in opposition research on him?

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