Red Tape Ties the Nation Together!

by Iain Murray

Cass Sunstein, director of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, announced some deregulatory initiatives at AEI this morning, and that is welcome news.

Of course, the proposed deregulations don’t go nearly far enough. The cost of the regulatory state to the economy is bigger than the deficit. These announcements barely scratch the surface, as I explain at Openmarket.

Sunstein talked about polarized positions, as if he were the center ground. If there are people demanding massive expansion of regulations (e.g., the environmental movement) and people like me demanding massive cuts in regulation, then I suppose he is in the center ground. The trouble is that the center ground is costing America $1.75 trillion a year. In this case, holding the center ground is fundamentally irresponsible.

So, my grade for this announcement is: Right idea, but must try harder; C-minus.

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