‘Not Right Now’

by Jonah Goldberg

Last night Paul Ryan was on Special Report. When I saw him in the green room, I told him that I wanted them to play “Hail to the Chief” when he walked in. I won’t repeat what he said in response, but there was eye-rolling and a wry discussion of my “Run,, Paul Ryan, Run” column. Nonetheless, when asked on camera if he would consider running for president he never said no.

This morning, Bill Kristol writes in part:

So the door is ajar—not “right now,” but after the summer, and if no one else is able to show the kind and quality of leadership that’s needed.

Meanwhile, Ryan Streeter, on his fine website Conservative Home, has a petition where people can sign up to urge Paul Ryan to run for president.

It would be a great and fitting irony if the victory of Democratic scare tactics in NY-26 spooks other Republicans into backing off from bold deficit reform and reduction plans, which in turn forces Ryan into the presidential race—ultimately the Democrats’ worst nightmare.

Meanwhile, in my column today, I make the case that the GOP cannot run away from the Ryan plan, but must also go on offense.

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