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by Matthew Shaffer


The Editors uphold the Supreme Court’s decision on Arizona’s E-verify, against the Obama administration and the Chamber of Commerce.

Charles Krauthammer pillories Obama’s speech on the Arab world for undermining Israel’s negotiating position.

David Kahane explores the upside of the release of 46,000 prisoners in California.

Michael Petrilli highlights the real problems with federal involvement in education, and throws cold water on overheated fears.

Deroy Murdock enlists to fight back against Dick Durbin’s war on debit cards.

Mona Charen instructs Republicans to be more persuasive advocates of Medicare reform, with a lesson from NY-26.

Michelle Malkin recounts Rep. Barney Frank’s long history of using his office to help his friends.

Andrew Stiles announces the Republicans’ “Plan for America’s Job Creators.”

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