Re: What We Know About Weinergate

by Daniel Foster

Nate looks at the available technological evidence in the Weiner case — and only at the technological evidence, to the (I think undue) chagrin of some commentators. But commenter Dustin succinctly lays out the circumstantial case:


Weiner won’t even deny he uploaded this picture. He won’t deny he is in the picture. He won’t even directly deny he sent the twitter, relying instead on intermediaries to say ‘obviously my facebook was hacked (yes, facebook)’ or ‘it was a prank’.

He could resolve conclusively, quickly, and with no cost, via Yfrog and Twitter, that the IP that uploaded these images wasn’t his. We therefore already know Weiner doesn’t want that aspect settled. We therefore can reliably say Weiner’s account wasn’t hacked.

He instead still relies on those services as though he has no concerns about their security.

And he spends all his time on twitter and youtube making personal insults about teapartiers and their leadership. His entire motif shows he would leap at a chance to prove such a person posted a pervy photo to harm Weiner’s character. He is instead trying to minimize scrutiny and investigation, as though he only talks about serious issues. Just look at his twitter feed from the past months… that’s ridiculous.

It is absurd to pretend we don’t really understand what’s going on, or that there is a middle ground balanced analysis. Don’t bury the story.

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