Can’t they both lose?

by Andrew C. McCarthy

The Beeb reports that UN investigators have found war crimes — including torture and murder — have been committed by both sides in the Libyan civil war (i.e., the Qaddafi regime and the mujahideen — aka, the “rebels”). This confirms the dogged reporting of John Rosenthal at Pajamas, who has been chronicling the atrocities the Islamist “rebels” have been visiting on black Africans (see, e.g., here).

Senator McCain, who champions the “rebels,” has been pushing a congressional resolution in support of President Obama’s unprovoked, unilateral attack on Libya. Will he call for an investigation of the actual torture and brutal murders carried out by the “rebels” — and will he do it with the fervor we saw when he demanded investigations of the U.S. soldiers’ hijinks at Abu Ghraib and the CIA interrogation tactics that he portrayed was “torture” but which don’t hold a candle to what the “rebels” have done, and are doing?

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