by Jay Nordlinger

Mrs. Anthony Weiner works as an aide to Hillary Rodham Clinton. Quite possibly, they have had some interesting conversations in the last few days. Many of us said, during 1998, that much depended on how the wife reacted. What would Hillary do? Would she stand by her man, or declare that she had had enough? She chose to do the former: making accusations of a “vast, right-wing conspiracy.” That saved him (although Ken Starr saved him too, by tipping him off about the dress). (For chapter and verse on this affair — all of Lewinskygate and impeachment — see Susan Schmidt and Michael Weisskopf’s Truth at Any Cost. It is the definitive book, so far as I know.)

At a press conference long ago, when she was beginning to run for the Senate, I asked Mrs. C. a question: “Do you stand by your assertion that the charges against your husband stemmed from a ‘vast, right-wing conspiracy’?” While pointing to the next questioner, in that manner of a practiced politician, she said, “I’m not going back, I’m going forward.” Needless to say, no reporter followed up on my question. To my knowledge, she has never been asked that question in any other place, at any other time. I don’t believe she has ever answered it. But I am not acquainted with the entire HRC literature.

Anyway, the wives of Anthony Weiner and Bill Clinton have plenty to discuss, unfortunately. Shocking, what people do to one another, and particularly what husbands and wives do to one another. 

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