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Romney: Obama’s ‘Moral Tragedy’


At tonight’s Faith and Freedom conference in Washington, Mitt Romney will slam the Obama administration for creating a “moral tragedy of epic proportion.”

“Sixteen million Americans are out of work or have stopped looking for work,” Romney will say, according to excerpts obtained by National Review Online. “Make no mistake. This is a moral tragedy — a moral tragedy of epic proportion.”

Romney, a leading 2012 presidential contender, will stick to this theme for the remainder of his remarks, an aide says, focusing on the “face of unemployment.”

“Unemployment is not just a statistic,” he will say. “Unemployment means kids can’t go to college; that marriages break up under the financial strain; that young people can’t find work and start their lives; and men and women in their 50s, in the prime of their lives, fear they will never find a job again. President Obama has failed these good and decent Americans.”

But look for the morality play to appear again when he speaks about the deficit: “The debt we are amassing as a nation and passing on to our children is immoral. It was once said that we should pass a torch to the next generation. Instead, we are passing on an unpaid bill. Throwing more money at our problems is not the answer.”

Romney’s broad message — that Obama has failed — will be buoyed by a fresh riff about paychecks. It will likely feature in upcoming stump speeches.

“President Obama should have had one central mission when he took office — put Americans back to work! Fight for every job! Because every job is a paycheck and paychecks fuel Americans dreams. Without a paycheck, you can’t take care of your family. Without a paycheck you can’t buy school books for your kids, keep a car on the road or help an aging parent make ends meet.”

Like most talks at the conference, which is hosted by Ralph Reed, Romney will have to keep it short. Still, his point will be more than clear: “President Obama said that unemployment wouldn’t go beyond 8%. Today it is over 9%. We are going backwards, and that is the wrong direction for America.  President Obama has failed.”


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