Sanctions’ Epic Fail

by Steven F. Hayward

This chilling video of the crash of an Iranian military plane, a Soviet- or Russian-made TU 154, is making the rounds on the Internet, but there’s one obvious aspect of this that everyone is missing: it is reported the video was taken, two years ago, from a C-130 — an American-made plane — conducting an in-flight refueling of an F-4 Phantom — another American-made plane. Granted, both are old models (I think John McCain was shot down in an F-4 Phantom back in 1966) that likely date back to the era of our prodigious arms sales to the Shah, but given that we’ve had an embargo on Iran for more than 30 years, where are they getting the spare parts to keep these planes airborne? And if they can get replacement and maintenance parts for American military aircraft, does anyone think sanctions will keep them from getting anything they really want?

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