Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s . . .

by Mark Steyn

Foreskin Man.

No, not another Congressional Tweet. Foreskin Man is America’s newest superhero, the creation of Matthew Hess and his group MGMBill, the enlightened Californian progressives seeking to get circumcision banned in San Francisco.

Mr. Hess’s comic book shows our plucky hero (very blond and Aryan, like Thorskin Man) battling the supervillain known as Monster Mohel, a knife-wielding, blood-drenched Jew hovering over squealing infants wrenched away from their terrified mothers.

Mr. Hess has curious priorities. In America, over 90 percent of circumcised men are non-Jewish.

Around the world, 70 per cent of circumcised men are Muslim.

Wouldn’t it be more statistically representative for Mr. Hess to show his, er, Caped Crusader zapping the minaret of the nearest mosque? Or would that risk attracting the attention of Fatwa Man?

(By the way, instead of a Superman-type costume, shouldn’t Foreskin Man have his head covered?)

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