More B.S., Please!

by John Derbyshire

Few vegetables arouse stronger emotions than does the Brussels sprout. You either love ’em or hate ’em. Personally I’d be happy to have sprouts at every meal, and snack on them between times. My kids, however, run screaming from the table when sprouts are served.

We sprout-lovers are rejoicing at the news that this e. coli outbreak in Europe is not, as was previously thought, caused by German sprouts. (The German for “Brussels sprout” is, by the way, Rosenkohl — “rose cabbage.”)

It is hard not to suspect the fell influence of anti-sprout forces at work in the original accusations. We defenders of the humble sprout should do what we can to restore its reputation. For my part, I have sent a memo to the managers of the cafeteria here at Buckley Towers, urging them to include more sprouts on their menus.

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