Breitbart Hijacks the Weiner Presser

by Daniel Foster

To my great surprise, none of our well-educated, earnest, thoughtful young reporters in New York wanted to go cover the Weiner presser, so this hack news editor — yours truly — found himself scrambling across midtown to a third-floor banquet hall at the Sheraton on 53rd Street, arriving just in time to find a room full of flashing cameras and — Andrew Breitbart at the podium? It was indeed Mr. Big himself, seizing on the host of captive New York print and TV press to defend the veracity of his sites’ reporting on Weinergate, call on Rep. Weiner to offer a personal apology for implying that he or his agents were guilty of perpetrating a “hack,” and shame the media for focusing on his reporting rather than on Weiner’s actions.

Full video of this diverting pregame:


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As for the main event, many or even most of you will have seen much or all of it already. Jonah and Andrew were watching the live feed and have offered well-rounded takes. For my own part, I asked Weiner three questions: 1) Would it be hypocritical if Democrats called on former GOP congressmen Mark Foley and Christopher Lee to resign over sex(ual) scandals but failed to do so in his case? 2) Did he offer anything of substance or make any promises as part of his sexually explicit exchanges with these girls and, relatedly, 3) Considering these were obviously all admirers of his and many of them quite young, was there not something inherently predatory about him engaging in sexual exchanges with them? I’ll have video of his thoroughly unsatisfactory answers as soon as I’ve got it edited.

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