Ed Schultz Tells ‘Arrogant’ Weiner to Resign

by Andrew Stiles

MSNBC host Ed Schultz on Monday urged Rep. Anthony Weiner (D., N.Y.) to “take one for the team” and resign after the congressman admitted he lied about sending a lewd photo of himself to a female college student and confessed to having carried out numerous “inappropriate” relationships with other young women over the internet.

“The truth matters,” Shultz said, addressing Weiner directly through the camera. “And I take issue with the fact that you take full responsibility. You took full responsibility when it was convenient. You took full responsibility when new information came out and you got caught. There has to be more restitution than just stepping up and saying ‘I’m sorry and I’m not going to resign.’ That’s a little too arrogant for me.”

Too arrogant for Shultz?! That’s got to hurt. Also, good to see him come out and state the obvious — that MSNBC and the Democratic Party are a great big “team.”

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