Get A Government Job, Series #209,847,391

by John Derbyshire

Least surprising news item of the week: “TIGHT JOB MARKET FOR COLLEGE GRADS — Students graduating in 2011 are going to find it hard to find a job because over 50% of those who graduated in 2010 are still unemployed …”

You don’t say. Not to worry, though: Come that blessed day when everyone is a college graduate, there’ll be high-paying jobs in air-conditioned offices for all.

Now here’s someone who does have a darn nice job, right here in Derbland:

Superintendent Brings Home $500,000

Fox 5 News reports that Syosset schools superintendent Carole Hankin rakes in more than half million dollars a year.

She heads what is billed as one of the top school districts in the country, and people pay steep property taxes to fund the schools.

The district serves all of Woodbury and Syosset communities of Long Island, with approximately 7,000 students in 10 schools.

When you add in benefits, Hankin takes home $542,000 — and this year she even got a raise.

I guess if the homeowners of Woodbury and Syosset are happy to pay this lady half a mil to do whatever it is a schools superintendent does (don’t ask me), it’s not for anyone else to stop them; though we are of course free to tell them: “YOU’RE OUT OF YOUR COTTON-PICKIN’ MINDS!”

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