Attrition Through Enforcement Just Keeps On Working

by Mark Krikorian

Almost like the perennially “unexpected” bad economic news, reporters are amazed and appalled that tough immigration laws prompt illegal aliens to actually move elsewhere. The latest contribution finds “Many immigrants leaving Georgia behind“:

Fearful she will be deported and separated from her two young sons, Vilma Baltazar steeled her family for a long journey from her small apartment in Chamblee back to her native country, Guatemala.

The single mother is one of many illegal immigrants in metro Atlanta who say they are fleeing Georgia before the state’s tough new immigration enforcement law takes effect on July 1. Others say they are making similar plans in case opponents of the new law are unable to block it in the courts.

Of course, most of the story bemoans the fact that stores and churches that cater to illegal aliens have seen a loss in business — well, that’s the point.

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