An Offer You Can’t Refuse

by David Kahane

Looking to break into the blogosphere? Wanna stick it to the wingnuts and their hate sites like NRO? Itching to poke a finger into Fox News’ collective eyeball?

Well, look no further. Your time has come. wants you:

We’re cultivating a new place for collective action, and recently launched the “Best of the Progressive Web” project at to get it rolling. We’re recruiting a team of fiercely intelligent, excited, inspired MoveOn members to join us as contributing reviewers to help us evaluate submitted content and pick the best stuff to publish on our site. This position will not involve writing for publication, though there may be opportunities down the line to contribute at different levels of the process.

“Down the line” — that’s where it’s at, blogo-wise!

Right-wing spin is drowning out the truth. Fox News looms over our political culture. Fewer Americans believe that climate change is real every day. Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and Sarah Palin drive our national narratives.

We have a plan to make sure that the truth gets out online, but we need smart people to help us make it happen. The effort is led by former senior staff at MoveOn and The Onion; by coming in on the ground floor, you can also help shape it from the beginning.

Well, if editors from The Onion are part of it, include me in! Because what could be more serious than climate change or funnier than the future of the country? Here’s what MoveOn is looking for — remember, this could be you!

• Well “web-read”—you spend time reading and watching on the web
• You’re a solid writer–you can share great ideas through words
• You have a good eye for what people like to read/talk about/share
• You’re excited about new ways of doing things
• You’re progressive—critical, yet focused on change
• You’re creative or you’re inspired by the work of creative people
• You have a sense of humor
• You thrive in a collaborative community built on shared knowledge
• You see the value of sharing progressive content on Facebook and other outlets

Okay, the “sense of humor” stuff may be tough for many of those on our side, who tend to reach for the four-letter word first and ask questions later. But learning by doing is part of the “volunteer” fun — we all have to start somewhere! I mean, you can’t be me right out of the box — you have to earn it.

You can find the application here

See you in the big leagues of blogging!

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