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by Matthew Shaffer

The Editors, disturbed by the recent economic data, propose a preliminary plan for restoring shared prosperity.

Conrad Black ponders governors Jon Huntsman and Jeb Bush as Republican presidential candidates.

Cliff May predicts that the only possible outcome of a declaration of statehood by a Hamas-Fatah unity government is war.

Victor Davis Hanson sees a warning for U.S. policymakers in Europe’s current difficulties.

Michael Barone contrasts the record of centralized experts and decentralized specialists in delivering better energy.

Katrina Trinko retells the story of how Tim Pawlenty took on public-sector unions — before it was cool.

Jeffrey H. Anderson counters Rich Lowry, by arguing for the goodness and constitutionality of the War Powers Act.

Stephen Hoersting considers how the Edwards affair reflects on mainstream journalism.

Phil Kerpen suspects that Democrats’ support for NAT GAS indicates an EPA ruse.

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