We Interrupt Our Regular Programming

by Michael Walsh

. . . to bring you some thoughts on our “ally,” Pakistan, a country that makes perfidious Albion look like a pillar of trustworthy rectitude. From my New York Post column today:

“Pakistani Intelligence Announces Its Full Cooperation with US Forces During Upcoming Top Secret June 12 Drone Strike on al-Qaeda At 5:23 A.M. Near Small Town of Razmani in North Waziristan,” read a recent headline in the online satirical magazine, The Onion.

Alas, the truth is even worse than the fiction.

Twice in the last few weeks, US intelligence officials have provided the Pakistanis with the coordinates of bomb factories in the rugged tribal region of Waziristan, on the Afghan border — only to see the info leak to the enemy, who evacuated the sites before the Pakistani military arrived.

Pakistan is playing a double game — taking billions in US aid but only giving lip service to intelligence and military cooperation in the War on Terror, while it repeatedly sells us out to Islamists and Taliban rebels backed by its own corrupt Inter-Services Intelligence agency.

Of course there are a million reasons why the U.S. won’t speak sternly to Pakistan, but the only one that matters is this:

The country is “an international jihadi tourist resort,” writes journalist and author Mohammad Hanif. It functions as a kind of mob informant, profiting from the rackets while occasionally giving up a small fish or two to the cops in exchange for police protection. Yet America treats it as an ally.

With friends like this . . .

We now return you to our coverage of Weinergate, already in progress . . . for as long as it lasts.

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