When You’ve Lost the Porn Star. . .

by Daniel Foster

Adult film actress / “feature dancer” Ginger Lee today called on Rep. Anthony Weiner (D., N.Y.) to resign for lying to the press and the public in the wake of the discovery that he sent explicit messages to Lee and a slew of other women. The star of such films as Lesbian Seductions 28 and Busty College Coeds P.O.V. 2 joins the president of the United States and a number of top House Democrats in urging Weiner to step down.

Lee appeared in a paparazzo-packed alcove of the New York City Friars Club (where else?) alongside her attorney, Gloria Allred (who else?). The pair claim to be in possession of hundreds of e-mails and tweets between Weiner and Lee, the product of a correspondence that spanned from March of this year until two weeks ago. The exchange reportedly started out tame, and centered around issues like health-care reform and Planned Parenthood, both of which are “important” to Ms. Lee. Weiner eventually started sending more explicit messages — parts of which Allred quoted for the press. “I have wardrobe demands too: I need to highlight my package,” one read. Another complained that “You aren’t giving my package due credit.” 

Allred said Lee rebuffed all such messages by steering the conversation back to politics. Lee told reporters plainly that she “did not sext” [sic] Anthony Weiner.

Allred also confirmed rumors that Lee was contacted by “PR people” affiliated with Congressman Weiner, although she would not say whether they were part of his official staff. She spoke cryptically of a “threat” from an unnamed individual to release a statement in Lee’s name as one of the reasons compelling Lee to break her silence. She would not elaborate on whether the individual was connected to Weiner or his staff.

Video forthcoming.

NB: The briefing was held, ironically enough, in the Milton Berle Room of the Friars Club. Check my Twitter feed for why this is hilarious.

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