Smelliest Public Places in America: Nominations Wanted

by Jonah Goldberg

Dan: Clearly this calls for an open question for Corner readers: What is the smelliest public place in America? This sort of thing is a grand tradition at NRO (okay maybe not “grand”). Who can forget the sweatiest movie of all time polling from over a decade ago? We changed a country!

Anyway, a few ground rules. I don’t think you can name sewage plants, or garbage dumps (smelled one, smelled ’em all type places). I think the criteria here should be such things as distinctiveness of smell and association with a public venue or institution or community. Of course, such distinctions are in the nose of the smeller. So let a thousand flowers smell.

I open up the question in the comments section to this post. Maybe if we get enough good nominations and conduct an actual poll. And then we’ll have done so much to make this a better world.

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