Today’s Questions for the President, Cont’d

by Peter Kirsanow

Earlier this week, you went to North Carolina to highlight the job-creation proposals of your Jobs and Competitiveness Council: more government funding for job training; more government loans to businesses; more funding to increase the energy efficiency of commercial and apartment buildings; “public-private partnerships” to train 10,000 engineers a year; and making it easier for tourists to visit the U.S.

How many government employees will be necessary to administer each of the above programs?

What’s the estimated cost of each of the programs?

How many jobs do you estimate will be created by each of the programs?

Presuming these aren’t “shovel-ready,” how long before the programs begin creating jobs?

Bonus jobs-creation questions: At the outset of your presidency, you stated that we will create new jobs by building the “roads and bridges, the electric grids and digital lines that fuel our commerce and bind us together,” and that we would “harness the sun and winds and the soil to fuel our cars and run our factories.”

How many jobs do you estimate your administration has “saved  or created”  by harnessing the sun and the winds and the soil?

Conversely, how many jobs do you estimate your administration has “forestalled or destroyed” in the oil, gas, and coal industries?

How much of the $814 billion stimulus went to building roads, bridges, electrical grids, and digital lines?

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