Father’s Day

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

30 Rock Knows Best” is the title of my conversation with Glenn Stanton from Focus on the Family about fatherhood. This is the reason for the title: 


Lopez: We talk a lot about women balancing work and family, but what about men? How do you do it successfully?

Stanton: Men absolutely need to do this. In writing about this in the book, I recall a funny scene from 30 Rock where Jack Donaghy thinks he’s dying from heart failure, but he’s merely stressed from his mother’s visit. Laying in the hospital bed, he tells Liz Lemon he has so many regrets, like “Why didn’t I spend more time at the office?” We know that the gold in our life will be the quality time we spent with our loved ones, primarily our own children. And children intuitively get that where adults spend their time, there their treasure is also.

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