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by Matthew Shaffer

The Editors report on the NLRB’s latest attempt to expand union power,

Dana Rohrbacher warns that replacing our “First to Invent” patent rights with “First to File” is inefficient and unjust.

David Mamet explains why feminists disliked Marilyn Monroe, excerpting from his new book, The Secret Knowledge.

Matthew Shaffer talks to David Mamet about why he left liberalism behind.

Jim Lacey reflects on Hitler’s invasion of the Soviet Union, begun 70 years ago today.

Victor Davis Hanson observes a trend: the more hostile a nation was to us from 2001 to 2009, the more special solicitude it now receives.

Michelle Malkin takes a hatchet to Jon Huntsman.

Michael Tanner rates Jon Huntsman’s record on spending and taxes.

Katrina Trinko asks Jon Huntsman about the conservatism of his record. 

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