Grover Rallies His Troops

by Andrew Stiles

Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform and subject of our homepage poll, is lobbying supporters for votes in an effort to close the gap between Sen. Tom Coburn (R., Okla.) and himself on the question of “who is right about taxes?” (60 percent to 40 percent in Coburn’s favor at the time of this posting, down from about 75 to 25 earlier in the day). From an e-mail to ATR supporters:

Dear friends,

National Review Online (NRO) is currently running a poll on their main page asking “Who is Right About Taxes- Tom Coburn or Grover Norquist?” I respectfully ask that you take a moment and head over to NRO to vote your preference in this poll. It should take about two minutes of your day from clicking the link to voting in the poll.You should find the poll in the center column towards the middle of the page.

While only a small online poll, it is extremely important that we push back against any ideas that might convince Democrats that conservatives are open to tax hikes. Republicans were overwhelmingly successful in the last election because they understood Americans were tired of out-of-control spending. Republicans are so strongly against tax hikes because they understand the only way to get control of government spending is to cut off access to additional revenue through tax hikes. Instead, Sen. Coburn wishes to ignore the wishes of the Tea Party and compromise with Democrats by raising your taxes.  He has openly advocated for tax hikes in recent months including voting for President Obama’s Debt Commission, which would raise taxes by over TWO TRILLION dollars in the next decade…

For more on the Norquist-Coburn feud, which has become an increasingly contentious debate on the right, see here and here.

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