Some Summer Beach Reading

by Yuval Levin

The new summer issue of National Affairs is now online, packed with thoughtful essays to help you get through the second annual “recovery summer.” Among the offerings:

  • Arnold Kling and Nick Schulz on how health care and education have come to dominate our economy, and why that should worry us.
  • Eric Claeys on why we should not take it for granted that the Supreme Court’s conservative justices will vote to overturn Obamacare.
  • Donald Marron on how the right kind of tax reform could help cut federal spending.
  • Avik Roy on how to save Medicare from itself.
  • Fred Barnes on what Canada can teach us about averting a fiscal crisis.
  • Henry Olsen on what the history of Republican primary elections should teach next year’s candidates.
  • Jay Cost on the two parties and the desperate need for a genuine prosperity agenda.

And much more. Some are free to all on our site, some are available only to subscribers (and here is where you can subscribe — to also get the journal in print, which makes for easier beach reading).
While you’re at our website, you should also have a look at our past issues, browse the complete archives of The Public Interest, and get to know our regular web feature, “Findings,” which offers a daily summary of academic studies on various subjects — from the serious to the surreal to the sublime.

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