It’s the Policies, Not the PR

by Tevi Troy


The Washington Post’s Greg Sargent is reporting that “Obama’s top presidential campaign advisers are putting together a plan to go on the offensive against critics of his stance on Israel.” This suggests to me that the Obama team is extremely worried about Obama’s vulnerability in the Jewish community, as well they should be. According to the piece, Obama’s advisers, including David Axelrod, are “assembling a team of high profile surrogates who are well respected in the Jewish community to battle criticism in the media and ensure that it doesn’t go unanswered.”

I can’t say I blame them for trying, as there have been a number of worrisome signs for the Obama team regarding the Jewish vote and diminished Jewish fundraising enthusaism for Obama. Sargent notes that even Alan Solow, a long-standing Obama ally, has stated that “I can’t deny that people express to me concerns about the president’s policies.” They can go on the offensive all they want, but if Obama really wanted to shore up support in the Jewish community, he would have to change his policies towards Israel, and not his messaging.

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