Isolationism, Ctd.

by Ramesh Ponnuru

Reader D. A. writes:

I’d say that being called an isolationist beats being called disloyal, treasonous, or being accused of betraying your own country as many Democrats were for their opposition to the War in Iraq.  Perhaps the media types call the Republican opposition “isolationist” and not the Democrats because they still just think of them as generally soft on the war on terror, as has been implied many, many times.

Either way, I’d say you should rethink the validity of your complaint here.

I’m not complaining because it’s unfair to the Republicans who are so labeled; I’m complaining because it’s mistaken and analytically unhelpful. But I’m curious what your position is. 1) It’s okay to call Democrats who want to leave Afghanistan disloyal and to call Republicans who want to leave isolationist. 2) Neither is okay. 3) It’s okay to use the pejorative label on the Rs but not the Ds. I’m for option 2.

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