Happy Fifth, Everybody

by Michael Walsh

My New York Post column today takes a look at the Slough of Despond in which our nation currently finds itself:

In the Obama administration’s third year, an air of unreality and disbelief has settled across the nation. Much of the media is focused on the trial of a trashy young woman for the murder of her daughter — even as the economy is headed for the shoals. Majorities think the country is on the wrong track, and 40 percent think the nation has entered permanent decline.

Meanwhile, President Obama — after lecturing Congress not to slack off — took off for his own holiday weekend at Camp David.

The contrast between some state governments — forced by reality into dealing with their huge budgetary problems — and the fantasy world of the feds has never been greater.

John Edwards was right: There really are Two Americas. That mountebank’s formulation, of course, was the usual hypocritical leftist boilerplate, the do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do playland in which the false virtue of “compassion,” loudly proclaimed, trumps lifestyle, lovers, and land use. 

The real divide — perhaps best symbolized by this Harvard (natch!) study — is between traditional Americans and the supporters of the ever-expanding welfare state, for whom too much can never be enough, and who will continue to spend nonexistent money until the country finally collapses. And then they’ll tell us we had it coming.

Where does it stop?

Forget the politicians. Their job is to get re-elected in perpetuity, not save the country. They do that by buying votes with other people’s money.

Only an engaged (and suitably enraged) citizenry has the power to turn around the ship of state — to reassert the American values of self-reliance and hard work over those of the European welfare state the Left has been busily trying to impose for decades.

That’s the real meaning of the Tea Party. The only question is whether it can carry its momentum from last year’s elections forward to 2012.

If not, well, we can always amuse ourselves with the Casey Anthony trial.

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