A Pair of Faces . . .

by Jay Nordlinger

. . . one kindly and dear, the other beastly and murderous. (Nice cheekbones, though.) I’m talking about Colonel Sanders and Che Guevara. I mention them both in Impromptus today — the first installment of a Prague journal.

The Colonel is widely seen in Prague, as he is many places in the world. A little mail:

Mr. Nordlinger,

I’m a 20-year-old writing to you from Quito, Ecuador. I chuckled at your comment about KFC as great American export. I’m backpacking throughout South America and see KFC everywhere. Ecuador has the Colonel all over, and also has a knock-off next door at every location called “Texas Chicken.”

I think I’ll take Kentucky over Texas, when it comes to chicken. (Brisket, maybe not.) The subject of Guevara is less fun, of course. In my journal, I mention that I see him in Prague — even in Prague, this city wonderfully allergic to Communist nonsense, and fellow-traveling nonsense.

I can think of one place where the sight of Guevara will not be so common: post-Communist Cuba. If such a thing ever arrives . . .

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