Participate in Today’s Twitter Town Hall

by Andrew Cline

I’m an official “curator” for today’s Twitter town hall with the president, which starts at 2 p.m. Any Corner readers who want to ask the president a question on the economy can send it to me @Drewhampshire. I’ll be retweeting the best questions, and the Twitter staff will be monitoring my feed in their search for good questions to pose to the president.

A few tips:

— Ask good, direct questions that would provoke a short, precise answer. Open-ended ones leave too much wiggle room.

— Don’t simply phrase an attack in the form of a question. Those, obviously, are far less likely to be asked. Plus, they aren’t useful.

— Strive to be newsworthy. The president doesn’t make himself available for a lot of direct questioning. If you’ve thought you could do a better job of questioning the president than the members of the White House press corps, now is your chance. But remember, it’s a chance to ask a question so the president can do most of the talking, not to vent at him, which can be done anytime.

If you’re interested, tweet me your question to @drewhampshire and include the #askObama hashtag.

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