Krauthammer’s Take

by NRO Staff

From Wednesday night’s Fox News All-Stars.

On the planned civilian U.S. trial of an al-Qaeda-linked Somali national who had been interrogated for months on a Navy vessel:

Well, the one thing that’s constant is the administration’s aversion to Guantanamo and to any use of it. …

In the testimony that Admiral McRaven had given on June 28, he said there were many cases like the case of this Somali — meaning terrorists caught, brought on ships, interrogated. And they have a policy. The policy is either you go to America and get a civilian trial, as in this case, or you are released to a friendly country or into the world so you can attack America again.

Now what’s interesting, as Marc Thiessen points out in the Washington Post — the Somali that we are talk about is the only guy who’s been brought to the United States for a trial as a result of this. Which means that every other of the many cases — and McRaven spoke about “many cases” — every other of the many cases has been released either to a third country [or elsewhere] to take up the fight against us.

That is a scandal, because the only reason that these miscreants have all, except one, now been released is because this administration will not allow the use of Guantanamo. That’s pure ideology.

And it is something the administration has to answer. How can you release these terrorists to fight against America again when you have a facility in which you can try them in a military court and have them secure from attacking Americans?

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