No. 68

by Jay Nordlinger

Last week, I had a “Prague Journal,” occasioned by the celebration of the Reagan centennial in that city. Allow me to give a general thank-you to readers for mail. And allow me to print one note — from John Steigerwald, the eminent sports journalist in Pittsburgh.

“When Jaromir Jagr,” the Czech hockey player, “joined the Penguins as a rookie in 1990, he knew four English words: ‘yes,’ ‘no,’ and ‘Ronald Reagan.’ Also, he has long worn the number 68, in honor of the Spring.”

If you don’t know about Jagr, you will want to find out about him. A stirring story, in addition to a great athlete. He is a strong backer of the “liberals” in the Czech Republic — in other words, people like us. Here in America, we’re called conservatives, right-wingers, and fascists.

Weird world, lexically, not least.

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