Peas in Our Time

by John Derbyshire

Doing my best, but I still can’t engage with this debt-ceiling sumo bout.

Does anyone really believe that anything Congress says — or even legislates — about spending reduction will truly result in the feds spending less? I don’t. (Neither, to judge from his column today, does the boss: “the dubious cuts that are the typical stuff of Beltway budgetary legerdemain” etc. Yep.)

As one of Larry Kudlow’s commenters observed last week, “‘political reality’ eventually gets trumped by the real thing.” As it becomes ever more obvious that the trump is going to be played sometime soon, there seems less and less point in attending to the “political reality.”

I’m braced for real reality to hit, and you should be too. The Congresscritters should just go home and start filling sandbags like the rest of us. Peas? We’re going to be eating grass for a few years, and it serves us right. We’ve had the governments we deserve. Fiat justitia ruat caelum.

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