Next Week We Name the Evil Men

by John Derbyshire

 A friend in Blighty emails:

My first job (in 1975) was as a paperboy for a local newsagent: gave me the opportunity to read the News of the World (my parents would not have allowed it into the house).

There was once a footballer by the name of Gerry Queen, who played for Crystal Palace FC. One Saturday he put in a horrific late tackle on an opposition player, leaving him screaming in agony and rolling around on the floor. Outraged, one of this chap’s teammates then went over and punched Queen: both were sent off. They carried on fighting in the tunnel, until a group of police officers intervened and cuffed the pair of ‘em.

The headline on the News of the Screws back page the next morning read: “Queen Arrested After Brawl At Palace.”

Ah, the great days of Fleet Street.

My own middle-upper-working-class childhood did not include The News of the World. My parents took The Sunday Pictorial (which later became The Sunday Mirror) and The People, which was not quite so bumptiously reactionary as NOTW.

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